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Maison Le Goff, une biscuiterie engagée et responsable que le CTCPA est fier d’accompagner !
Le CTCPA accompagne SERVAIR dans la sécurisation de plats préparés par le chef François ADAMSKI destinés à partir en mission spatiale !
Thermal treatments

As a technical center specialized in canned and dehydrated food for more than 60 years, CTCPA has a strong expertise allowing it to assist enterprises in thermal treatments of food products. Its teams offer guidance and training in order to guarantee food safety control and to optimize each step of the sterilization or pasteurization process. 

Thermal treatment

The scale of a thermal treatment is a critical point in the sense of the HACCP method.  It must be validated by a competent organization.  The French food administration specifies in one of its memorandum that the “CTCPA is the referenced professional center for the definition and the validation of thermal treatment scales for pasteurized products”. The CTCPA also published a guide of good practices including the definition and validation of thermal treatments for pasteurized products, available upon request.

> Actions proposed by CTCPA

  • To define a thermal treatment scale
  • To validate a thermal treatment scale
  • To validate the thermal treatment scale for canned products companies
  • To optimize the thermal treatment scale in order to improve the taste and the nutritional quality of products, to reduce the treatment time and to decrease the energy consumption. The CTCPA has developed Steri’Opt, an optimization software dealing with thermal treatment scale.

The autoclaves, to sterilize or pasteurize food

Equipment plays an important role in thermal treatment.  The CTCPA assists you first in choosing the right equipment, adapted to your needs.  Next, the CTCPA validates the right way of using your autoclaves bymapping the autoclave, action preceding any validation of thermal treatment scales. The CTCPA also proposes training in the use of the autoclave for your production employees in order to certify them.

Continuous thermal

Numerous companies treat food thermally with continuous thermal exchanger (tubular, plate, ohmic…).  The CTCPA assists you in the implementation and the optimization of a continuous thermal treatment line, thanks to the possibility of comparing many technologies in our technological halls and to our calculating and simulation tools.

> Microwaves for pasteurizing prepared meals and vegetables in single servings for consumers

Since the 2005 partnership with Sairem, an equipment manufacturer, the CTCPA has access to a microwave tunnel of industrial size with which it realizes numerous tests.
The last studies, in particular on prepared seafood meals and on the packaging, allowed the CTCPA to advance on the potentialities of pasteurization in microwaveable tunnels.
The CTCPA also worked to compare classical tables of pasteurization ( time / temperature ) with microwaves ( time / power).

Export to the United States

Companies wishing to export their products to the United States must respond to a certain number of requirements determined by American authorities (FDA-USDA).  CTCPA guides you through the exportation process for thermally treated productsIt is recognized by the French general food administration as a structure that defines thermal treatment scales for products intend for the North American markets.