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19 Mar 2019

The CTCPA training cycles: what trainees say about them!

The CTCPA offers sessions throughout France for the training cycles Becoming a conservator and Developing a biscuit production activity that are very successful. Here's what our interns have to say about it:

Cycle Conducting a Canning Activity

In 5 days, all the necessary aspects of canning are studied: regulation, QHSE principles, sterilization, packaging, autoclave control, setting up a business plan.

The pedagogy is active and participatory, through presentations, slideshows, exercises and practical work in the technology hall.

"Thank you to CTCPA for this great training! During this busy and informative week we were accompanied by a very involved trainer, who was able to give us good knowledge on a very interesting subject! "Vianney B.

"An intensive week, a super qualified and attentive trainer, the technical hall is well equipped for practical work and we leave with our culinary trials! "Emilie C.

"Very dense training both in terms of content and pace... but above all with extensive technical training. "Camille G.

Cycle Develop a biscuit production activity

During 4 days alternating theory and practice, the trainees learn how to master the manufacturing steps and optimize the DDM of the products.

"This internship is rich in technical information on ingredients and their roles, manufacturing processes, packaging, general regulations and labelling. TPs are very complementary to this teaching, and allow the implementation of the different control measures.

Interaction with practitioners and between trainees allows us to go further on individual issues. These four days saved me a lot of time on my project. "Stephanie B.