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06 Jun 2019

« Les miraculeux », superfoods to drink: the Parisian start-up compares preservation technologies thanks to CTCPA

Testimony of David Gueunoun, creator of the UI start-up and the Les Miraculeux brand, who used CTCPA resources to compare preservation technologies on his products.

What was your need in the beginning?

"I had a technical problem with my products, shots of ultra-fresh vitamin juices that I wanted to industrialize. For that, I needed to apply a treatment to preserve them. I therefore wanted to test and compare different processes to extend the shelf life of the product with as little change as possible in its nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

Les Miraculeux vitamin juice shots contain super-ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and goji berries, which are naturally rich in nutrients. Our ambition: that they provide all the nutrients we need in just two sips. We therefore find the benefits of a food supplement with the experience of consuming a drink.

The use of the CTCPA has allowed us, in one and the same place, to have all the expertise on different treatment processes and to be able to test them. »

How did the service go?

"We had a first contact with the CTCPA team in Nantes and the CTCPA team in Amiens.
The expertise of the two sites was pooled for the testing of the different methods and their comparison. We also conducted a tasting session. At the end of the study (currently underway) we will be able to know the technology to be applied.

What is your assessment?

"I am very satisfied with this collaboration, in particular with the professionalism of the CTCPA and the people with whom I have worked, namely Nicolas Lehebel, Technology Project Manager and Frédérique Duranton, Project Manager specialising in high pressure processing, as well as Willy DUSSOUCHAUT and Michel DUVAL, Assistant Project Managers. These are people who know their subject extremely well.

They not only implement customer specifications, they also give their point of view on strategy and business side, they look at aspects that go beyond technical competence. They offer a complete support that is really a good support for a start-up that is starting. »