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05 Sep 2019

Training in the metrology of custom prepackages for Bonduelle Soleal

Béatrice Sarreboubee, responsable qualité chez Bonduelle Soleal, témoigne.

« Our need was linked to both the evolution of the regulations and the equipment we had available. We needed all the tools we could need to be as responsive as possible on our production lines.

A group of 7 people from the Bonduelle Soleal group was formed: 5 from the quality department and 2 from the production department. The training lasted 1.5 days, consisting of a theoretical and a practical part. For the practical part, Gilles Drège, metrology expert at CTCPA, used our internal data to review or build together pilot maps adapted to our operations.

The assessment we make is very positive and it is shared by the whole team. The training was interactive, everyone was able to participate and find their way through the data. The trainer answered everyone's questions and expectations. He has shown a lot of pedagogy while adapting to his audience. He knows his subject perfectly well and the problems of a cannery: many examples have been provided to illustrate and concretize the information given.

Finally, we were able to apply what we learned. We appreciated the fact that Gilles Drège remains available for our additional questions after the training. This helped us to validate what we were implementing. Our entire tracking system and control charts are ready for the next production, and the training has also optimized our organization. »

Contact : Gilles Drège