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05 Nov 2018

Croquelicot, organic & artisanal biscuits with CTCPA

Annette Prieur, founder of the Croquelicot brand, called on CTCPA's expertise in the development of cereal products to help it develop its range of organic dry biscuits.

"I needed to formulate organic dry biscuits. I already had at my disposal a manufacturing workshop (located in the Burgundy region) allowing me to start the project. For the technical part, however, I needed support and I was advised to call on the CTCPA, which was therefore able to carry out the service in my own workshop, on my oven, and with the ingredients I had planned," explains Ms. Prieur.

"It was very practical because with the Project Manager, we were able to work together, we were able to react in situ, do a lot of tests with dosage variants, make temperature adjustments and be able to react and correct immediately. It was an ideal condition. In one day we could perform an average of 8 tests. »

"The CTCPA's intervention saved me a lot of time, especially with the resources of a Centre that is so competent in the field of biscuits. It was very calibrated and efficient and it allowed me to acquire method and move quickly. I was delighted with this support and the rigorous and organized working moments in a warm working environment.

I was able to market my products very soon after the service and this since 2017, mainly to organic stores, under the Croquelicot brand. »