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23 Apr 2019

Conserves France develops the know-how of its teams with the training "Machine Operator"

Conserves France is a company specialized in the processing and conservation of vegetables. It has two production plants, one in Tarascon (13) and one in St-Sylvestre-sur-Lot (47). The company used the CTCPA as part of a CQP machine operator training course. Testimony of Philippe Cardenas, Operational Manager at Conserves France.

Why did you use the CTCPA?

Our staff is trained internally on quality, hygiene and safety, but we wanted them to have a broader and more in-depth vision than what the company alone provides them. We contacted the CTCPA to do a first CQP machine operator training with one person and since then we have been training at least 2 people per year with the CTCPA.

How did the training go?

The training takes place over 1 to 2 days, once or twice a month, over a period of 6 to 7 months. Trainees have several modules to validate: productivity, cleaning, quality, hygiene, bacteriology, maintenance... This allows them to take a step back on the company's activity and visualize all the aspects that can be requested from an operator on his workstation.

Christine Decanis (trainer at CTCPA Avignon) follows the operators of the Tarascon site, she sets up steering committees to monitor each person, and we have also integrated a learning follow-up to ensure that the knowledge remains acquired over time and is applied on the workstation. Six months after the end of the training, Christine Decanis came to make a small reminder consisting of a technical questionnaire with the trainees to verify that the skills are really integrated and that the training has been effective.

Did the training meet your expectations?

The results are good, and the trained staff is satisfied. We will seek to gradually increase the number of people trained to achieve team harmonization.

What is also interesting is that our trainees rub shoulders with machine operators from other companies during the training and thus discover different or identical problems according to the companies, they can exchange and share and this brings a lot.

The training has made it possible to acquire automatisms, develop skills and know-how and thus provide added value for our operators: they feel more comfortable on their workstations and they have a better understanding of the objectives they are being asked to achieve.
Two more people will be trained next year at the CQP machine operator with the CTCPA. We are also considering requesting CQP Team Leader training for some of our employees.