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As a technical center, the CTCPA assists many food industry professionals. The Center is recognized by the DGAL (French food Administration) as a center of reference for the definition and the validation of thermal treatment scales.

Thanks to the on-site intervention of its complementary experts and to its available equipment, the CTCPA provides food industry professionals with a complete and pertinent response adapted to their restrictions.

The CTCPA assists companies on three types of projects :

  • Profitable innovation – to break new ground at a low level of risk, without loosing time and with all the technical and economical guarantees.
  • Workshop performance – to optimize your production in an economical, qualifying and environmental sense.
  • Food safety – to get a safe management, in a concrete and responsible way.

The services of the CTCPA include : advice and audits, trial runs and pilot production, analysis, training within and between companies.  The documentation services of the CTCPA helps the companies as well as the expert of the CTCPA to monitor the regulation and to find scientific publications…
The areas in which the CTCPA intervenes most often include :

  • Products: fruit and vegetables, prepared food, meat-based food and foie gras, cookies and grain-based food
  • Processes:  fresh and 4th range , pasteurized, sterilized, dried and frozen food