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Technological mixed unit

The technological mixed unit (TMU) is a partnership tool between the Actia technical institute and the public research unit. This tool was put in place and is funded by the French food minister.

The CTCPA is involved in one Technological Mixed Unit : the TMU Qualiveg (Nutritional and microbiological qualities of plant based processed products), in partnership with the INRA Paca, and labeled in 2011 for a 5 year duration.  The TMU Qualiveg studies nutritional benefits and all the risks affecting the quality of plant based processed food. It is realized through a multidisciplinary approach including both micronutrients and microbiology and through the collaboration between the technical center (CTCPA) and the research institute (INRA). This approach aims to enlarge the knowledge and the nutritional arguments of transformed fruit and vegetables with regards to the risks associated with the microbiological alterations through which the food is submitted.  The CTCPA and the INRA propose to work jointly on the benefits/risks balance approach in order to bring collective solutions to food industries. Usually seen as antinomic, these nutritional and microbiological approach can be combined and involve both teams, all situated in Avignon.

> See TMU Qualiveg presentation  by Actia

See UMT pressentation by Actia

> Contact UMT Qualiveg : Stéphane Georgé, CTCPA Avignon