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The Technological Mixed Network (TMN or RMT in French) is a scientific and technical partnership tool developed and funded by the French Food Department, and placded under the coordination of ACTIA, for the food-processing sector.
It aims to promote synergy between the different research, development, transfer and teaching organizations by developing a network of human and material resources.
Each TMN targets a specific theme.

The CTCPA is involved in five TMN:

TMN Actia Chlean
For the hygienic conception of production line and equipment with cleaning improvements
Coordination made by the CTCPA of Nantes


TMN Actia Qualima
Control of microbiological quality of food
Coordination made by Aérial and Actalia

TMN Actia Nutriprévius
For food nutritional quality
Coordination made by Critt Poitou-Charentes


TMN Actia Ecoval
For environment friendly conception
Coordination made by Iterg


TMN Actia Propack Food
Packaging, process, product
Coordination made by the Laboratoire national d'essais (LNE)


TMN Actia Transfobio
Processing of organic products
Coordination made by the Laboratoire national d'essais (LNE)

The presentation of the TMN by ACTIA