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The CTCPA is an industrial technical center ruled by the Code of Research (articles L342-1 to L342-13).  In respect, it realizes general interest projects thanks to a fiscal contribution from French manufacturers of canned and dehydrated products. The Center is recognized by the DGAL as a reference center for the establishment and the validation of thermal treatment scales.

These projects come under different forms:

First of all, the CTCPA works to anticipate and participate in the technological evolutions interesting the food sector by leading programs of collective research, chosen by professionals and sustained by the French administration.

Another priority mission, by large, is to participate in innovation with a specific focus on the transfer of this innovation to the industries, including small and medium-sized companies as well as larger groups.

Working as a link between the scientific research and the food industries, the CTCPA also has a role in diffusing the knowledge gained from programs and scientific partnerships via seminars, publications and/or training.

The CTCPA dutifully accomplishes its work as technical center by including the transfer of skills all the way to the company by using individual actions of results valorization and providing technical support.

Its position gives the CTCPA the obligation to represent and assist all food sectors, notably in relation with French and European public administration.

In order to correctly achieves its missions, the CTCPA concludes collaboration agreements with all the main actors of the Research and Development in food : research institutes, food technical centers, transfer centers …

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