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02 Sep 2019

The 2018 CTCPA Annual Report is available

In accordance with its strategic plan, the CTCPA has invested in ambitious projects:

  • The DIS30 Ambition Plasturgie durable platform for 2030 with the IPC (Innovation Plasturgie Composites) technical centre, which received a favourable funding opinion from the AURA Region,
  • The draft agreement with UniLasalle Beauvais on new product decontamination techniques and a FabLab incubator,
  • The creation of the ALLICE entity (Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency) led by Cetiat,
  • Numerous R&D projects, particularly on the subject of sensors (the challenge of the new Industrial France).

The CTCPA received confirmation of its ITAI qualification from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food on February 8, 2018.
This qualification attests to the role of the Technical Centre as a technological research, expertise, technical assistance and training body at the service of companies and in particular SMEs. The main strengths of the Centre identified by the Department are as follows:

  • Establishments on the national territory,
  • Renewed governance involving the "national" profession to a large extent, leading to a structured internal process of selecting programmes and projects at the request of the sectors,
  • Attractive and diversified technical means (innovative equipment and skills),
  • The stabilization of the financial situation which tends towards a resilient functioning,
  • The 10-year strategic analysis conducted to redefine the key orientations.

 Rapport d'activité 2018 (French)