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09 Aug 2019

The European project FOX - Food processing in a Box - starts!

The FOX project (Food processing in a Box) is a project funded by H2020 and supported by 26 partners across Europe including CTCPA.
The aim of this project is to stimulate the transition from a large-scale centralised food processing industry to an approach that offers new business opportunities for short or near-farm regional value chains.

It will thus contribute to a transparent and geographically linked development of production and the supply chain.
It will support and strengthen the development of e-commerce, bringing consumers and local producers closer together, which helps to increase confidence in the food value chain, food processing and locally produced food.

In short, FOX will focus on:

  •     fruits and vegetables
  •     choice of "soft", innovative and small-scale technologies
  •     development of flexible and mobile processing units

Among the innovative technologies for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, FOX will focus on pulsed electric fields, high pressures, extraction of fruit juices in an environment protected against O2, low temperature drying.
The development of a mobile quality control system for fruit and vegetables at harvest and innovative packaging, combined into modular and flexible mobile units, will enable the preservation and processing of fruit and vegetables on a small scale in order to obtain superior quality products.

This approach will result in the design, development, and evaluation of these innovative and small-scale food processing technologies in mobile and/or flexible modular units.
These applications will be demonstrated in selected model regions in Europe over a period of four and a half years through targeted stakeholder participation along regional food supply chains.

FOX will develop the market and commercial potential of these new small-scale processing units. These mobile units will be intended to be used in regional food systems as a basis for innovative business models led by SMEs.

The CTCPA teams - Packaging, Nutritional Quality and Microbiology - will work in synergy on this project. In particular, they will be involved in a value chain focused on the marketing of 4th range fruit and vegetables.




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Contact : Patrice Dole