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The CTCPA carries out some professional representation tasks, in particular in French and European public situations.

Knowing the stakes and the technical constraints to which professionals are held responsible, the CTCPA has a legitimate knowledge needed to represent canned goods and dehydrated foods manufactures and has a better idea concerning the decisions made at this level.  This is also a means to better anticipate future evolutions, in particular the rules to which companies in concerned sectors are subject. The CTCPA intervenes during a crisis situation by its technical approach. The CTCPA supports a company in the case of an individual crisis that could potentially have an impact on the entire profession, as well as supporting professional federations when the all of the profession is touched.

The key commissions in which the CTCPA intervenes

Afaq - Group Afnor: V08B Microbiology V03B Method of analysis in the food industry,
V01C food safety Management, V010A food composition data Codex Alimentarius : Commission processed fruit and vegetables

DGCCRF : Group of thought on the rules and the methods to control the inertia of materials for food contact

DGAL : Salt Group (representative of the Adepale)

Plate-form Ademe / Afnor :  environmental display

The CTCPA employees are individual members of three committees of specialized experts of the Anses and of the work group Efsa.

The Decisions of the CTCPA, the professional usage code

The CTCPA follows the Decisions since their creation. They are specifications defining the products according to the appellation recognized by the profession and by the state control service.  It is in charge of their creation and their modification, in consultation with professionals and the French Federation of canned food industries. The Decision are free.