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Preventing and managing acts of malice

All food processing industries could one day potentially be a target of malice, criminal, even terrorist acts. Demands tied to the Food Defense are emerging in many writings which today oblige food companies to question themselves about their vulnerability and their ability to manage such risks and safety requirements.

The CTCPA is able to help you defining an internal system of safety management :

  • engagement of the executive management
  • confidential audit of current practices
  • evaluation of potential treads
  • development of safety measures
  • link between the crisis management and the continuity plan of activity
  • safety system management

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  • Formation Food defense

    Comprendre le concept et les enjeux de la Food Défense ; Savoir réaliser une évaluation de la vulnérabilité et des risques associés ; Appréhender les bonnes pratiques de sureté et les mesures de maitrise spécifique en entreprise. Manager son plan interne de gestion de la sureté de la chaine alimentaire