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04 Jun 2019

IPC and CTCPA combine their skills within the DIS30 platform: "Sustainable Plastic Ambition for 2030".

IPC and CTCPA combine their skills within the DIS30 platform: "Sustainable Plastic Ambition for 2030".  

To this end, the two industrial technical centres, one of which is an expert on plastic and composite innovation and the other a major player in agri-food innovation, including product packaging, are joining forces with the Plastipolis and Céréales Vallée competitiveness clusters.

The objective? Develop R&D projects and transfer their results to companies in three areas: sustainability (D), intelligence (I) and security (S).

The DIS30 platform is co-financed by the European Union (ERDF funds) and financially supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In total, the project represents €4 million of investments, half of which will be made at IPC's Clermont-Ferrand site.

Around ten R&D projects have already been identified by the partners in terms of design, eco-design and recycling, or to develop new suitable polymers, while accelerating the industrialisation of increasingly intelligent, sustainable and safe plastic products.

Among the equipment planned, many analytical means for the characterization of substances (neoformed) and materials (biosourced), pilots related to recycling and biodegradation of plastics, computer equipment, support for the development of predictive tools to assist in "eco-safe design".