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02 May 2019

PLANTUS: sparkling drinks made from natural herbs infused with the technical assistance of CTCPA

Adrien Perret, founder of the startup UI and the PLANTUS brand, called on the skills of CTCPA to industrialize its recipes, a range of sparkling soft drinks, made from infused plants of French origin, 100% organic and without any added sugars, sweeteners or flavours. A look back at this adventure.

In what context did you use the CTCPA?

"Having developed several artisanal recipes, I was looking for a structure to help me develop my range of plant drinks and adapt the recipes to an industrial scale.

I also needed to ensure the microbiological stability of my products and their good preservation over time.

I first contacted the CRITT Agroalimentaire PACA, which quickly put me in touch with the CTCPA. In terms of financing, it was BPI France that supported me and INNOV'AGRO in starting the Research and Development work. Aid has been obtained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

What did the benefits consist of?

"We started the project by carrying out a technological feasibility study phase.

From September 2018 to January 2019 we conducted a number of tests in the technology hall of the CTCPA in Avignon, with the aim of:

determine the scales for pasteurizing products,
ensure the microbiological stability of the products and their organoleptic quality,
manage industrial and technological transfer at a manufacturer.

Aging tests were also carried out with the Packaging Division of the CTCPA (Bourg-en-Bresse) to validate a 12-month MDD. »

What is your assessment?

"The products are already being developed and marketed, for the moment in high-end restaurants and bars.

I have a very positive assessment of the CTCPA, which has solid experience and skills. The CTCPA teams were able to take the project forward and move it in the right direction, while giving me the freedom to manage it, which is very rewarding for me. The CTCPA has allowed me to develop my know-how from a craft level to an industrial level.

I also greatly appreciated the fact that the CTCPA was able to address the risks identified at the beginning of the project, as well as to meet the objectives and deadlines set. I am very satisfied with the performance. »