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The scientific and regulation watch

The Documentation service and the CTCPA experts are actively and continuously checking and gathering information as well as publications on technology, risks in the food industry, nutrition, regulation (and so on…), in scientific and technical food revues, in FSTA (the international bibliographic database), Administration sites, AFNOR sites, internet resources (and so on…).

These elements enrich the database and the document archives of the CTCAP and are brought to attention in the newsflash Promethiaa.

The CTCPA database currently contains more than 18000 references.

The Promethiaa permanent watch news bulletin

The newsflash Promethiaa is a bimonthly electronic letter of scientific, regulation and bibliographic news within the processed food industries that offers a variety of commented information.

It publishes 22 issues per year, the 10th and the 25th of each month.

Prométhiaa is sent out for free to all company members of the CTCPA.
Other companies can benefit from an annual subscription

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