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As a technical center, the CTCPA is infused in numerous technical and institutional networks, at a regional, national and international level. Those networks include research organizations; high education and research school establishments, institutions, technical centers as well as professional organizations.

The employees of the CTCPA are members of various technical commissions, either professionally or individually.  In addition, the Center is in permanent contact with the decision-making and advisory authorities and can bring a high level of expertise to all companies.

Moreover, the CTCPA is highly involved in the scientific partnership tools of the agriculture Minister.  In 2012, the CTCPA leads a Technological Mixed Unit (TMU or UMT in French) : the UMT Qualiveg (Nutritional and Microbiological qualities of plant based processed products).
It also participates in five Technological Mixed Networks (TMN or RMT in French), in particular the RMT Chlean (hygienic conception of the line and cleaning improvement), of which it is the coordinator.