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The CTCPA, center of collective research for companies which produce canned and dehydrated foods.

The CTCPA achieves its general interest missions thanks to a fiscal contribution paid by French companies working in the canned and dehydrated food sector.  These companies represent nearly 40% of the center’s resources.
The missions include:

  • collective research programs
  • transfer of technology,
  • expertise,
  • representing the profession,
  • scientific, technical, and regulatory watch
  • technical support to professionals through question and answer service,
  • valorization of the research results

The research orientations of the CTCPA and the nature of its general interest missions are established through a contract of objectives and means lasting many years. This contract is defined between the minister in charge of the food sector and the concerned professional syndicate (Fiac).

Each year food companies choose their desired research projects for the coming year. The result of each research project is available to any European Union industry with products in the area of competence of TFA, by simple request to the documentation center.
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In parallel to these activities and in order to respond to the individual needs of the companies, the CTCPA  carries out a number of sales activities which integrate the essential needs of a food company: processes, packaging, food safety, nutritional quality, sustainable development and training. These actions take various forms depending on the professional needs: research projects, in plant audits, advice, trials and pilot productions in the technological halls, analytic expertise in the laboratories , training ...
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