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15 Jul 2019

A White Paper on alternatives to plastic packaging in collective catering, presented by Agores.

Last June, Agores officially submitted the White Paper "Alternatives to plastic packaging in collective catering" to the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

Developed in consultation, this white paper of recommendations and decision support provides a diagnosis of the problem of plastic packaging and proposes a method to support change. It is in line with the approach initiated in spring 2018, and even before the ban imposed by the EGalim law: national consultation with some thirty specialised stakeholders, mapping of central kitchen practices (75 respondents).

This publication of the "Act 1" White Paper announces an Act 2 dedicated to feedback from local authorities. If no material is inert, and if each situation is unique, pooling lessons on ongoing experiments will allow everyone to develop their skills and gain expertise on a technical subject that is still being appropriated.

Philippe Saillard, Head of the Packaging Food Unit at CTCPA, was interviewed on the scientific axis "materials and food" and participated in the drafting of the White Paper.

Consult the Key Points of the White Paper Act 1

Contact : Philippe Saillard