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Line optimization

Line optimization for cost reduction

The CTCPA helps companies to realize performance diagnosis of the production lines or production workshops, in order to help those companies to improve the quality or the productivity of their productions.

Food processing industries are continuously looking to better understand their production operations, eventually succeeding to optimize them from a qualitative point of view (by unceasingly improving the quality of their products in view of the strong competition) or from an economical point of view (by optimizing the productivity, the energy costs, the outflow…).

Whether generalized or targeted, a diagnosis is a great opportunity to get an outside look at one’s own technical practices and self organization. Above all, it’s a great way to evaluate improvement possibilities and potential results.

Through the performance diagnosis, the CTCPA teams will be able to identify ways of improving quality and productivity, and to evaluate their economic interest.

> Focus on the area of cooking

For a standard company in the cookie, pastry or bread-making sector, the single cooking operation alone represents 60% of the energy consumption. Optimizing this operation is a real challenge because it’s a key step in obtaining a finished product.  The tiniest change in the process can have an impact on the quality of the final product.

In order to help companies, the CTCPA and the CETIAT focused on the product in the heart of their analyze, associating it with the balance of energy, and not the opposite! 

  • To do so, the CETIAT (Technical Center of Aeraulics and Thermal Industries) performs an energy audit of the oven which figures the consumption of energy in different places : product, smoke, sides of the oven, transport systems.
  • In parallel to this audit, the CTCPA conducts a diagnosis of the methodology of the use of the oven.  A mapping of the oven is realized in terms of temperature and hygrometry.
  • The joint analyze of the results help to highlight some recommendations (use of the oven, material, combustion…) permitting some substantial energy economies, saving up to 25% of the consumption without investing anything else than time.

To go further into details, the duo CETIAT/CTCPA realizes aeraulic assessment of the chimneys in order to better control the “oven extraction”.  After this analyze, a study is conducted to check the impact of the distribution of the humidity in the oven, therefore giving a direct link between the use of material and the quality of the finished product. This intervention has many objectives including the comprehension of the material and the possible energy economies.