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10 Dec 2018

Les Bocaux du Bistrot, homemade and seasonal dishes for away-from-home catering

Based in the Kremlin-Bicêtre, south of Paris, Les Bocaux du Bistrot prepares ready meals in pasteurized jars for professionals in the out-of-home catering sector. Back with Sylvain Cravero, co-founder of the company, on the CTCPA's support.

"Our company's mission is to offer dishes cooked in pasteurized jars and intended for professionals. However, to sell in BtoB, we had to:

  • Obtain a health approval
  • Validate the DLCs of our products
  • Validate pasteurization scales
  • Be accompanied in logistics
  • Label, determine nutritional values and validate this labelling

We chose to use the services of the CTCPA, which represented for us a complete player, the only one able to provide us with answers on all the points we wanted to address. In addition, we had very good contact with the CTCPA project managers.

We had three interlocutors, based at the CTCPA in Amiens, each with their own area of expertise: Nicolas Lehebel for the validation of scales, Alexandre Dupuis for the health approval file, and Caroline Brohon for the labelling and legislation section.

The CTCPA team came to the site to learn about how we work and the configuration of our laboratory. This was followed by initial temperature measurements of the ovens with which we pasteurize our recipes, providing a first basis for the creation of the health approval file. The exchanges then continued until all the points had been validated

We are very satisfied with the answers provided by the CTCPA, our interlocutors were very courteous and always attentive. We have obtained sanitary approval, our scales are in place, and the aging of the products are beyond our expectations. It also allows us to sell nationally.

In addition, the fact that the CTCPA is recognized in the agri-food industry, particularly for the establishment and validation of scales, is a guarantee of quality that reassures our customers. »