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07 Feb 2019

CTCPA is strengthening its national fleet of heating sensors

CTCPA has just invested in more than 20 new on-board sensors, bringing its national park to nearly 160.

In 3 years, the Centre has doubled the number of its sensors and can therefore work on large industrial autoclave fleets and offer simultaneous interventions.

The purchase of these sensors reinforces the technological scope of the CTCPA:

The Centre carries out autoclave mapping (validation of the proper functioning and homogeneity of equipment) as well as the development and validation of heat treatment scales (guarantee that products are treated at the required temperature and for the required time) for which it is recognised as a professional reference centre - see DGAL's note.

Very rigorous metrological monitoring of the instruments is also carried out internally: sensor calibrations are carried out by CTCPA professionals in an oil bath.

In addition, this investment responds to an increased demand for interventions abroad: the Technical Centre's teams, based in the regions, travel to many countries in addition to the entire French territory. In this case, the reports given to clients can be written in English.