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Innovative material

The CTCPA research service proposes its multidisciplinary expertise to comprehend your innovative projects by integrating all of the food quality demands, the control of chemical and microbiological risks, and the reduction of environmental impacts of packaging and product.

The CTCPA assists you in building and implementing your collaborative research projects in response to National and European calls for tender.

For an integrated conception of a new generation of packaging we will rely on the three pillars of material innovation :

  • The functional packaging design, in order to get a better food quality and to control the microbiological risks : new material and protective coating, breathable material, intelligent packaging, effective packaging.
  • The eco-conception of packaging and product, in order to reduce the environmental impacts, to develop recycling processes and recycled materials, bio-sourced material, recyclable multi components packaging.
  • The safe conception of packaging, in order to control the chemical risks : qualification and optimization of new materials, purification processes of recycled materials, adaptation of formulas and processes.