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09 Jul 2019

Christophe, a self-entrepreneur, testifies about the training "Conducting a Canning Activity".

Christophe Guidone, a professional chef, decided in April 2019 to follow the CTCPA training course "Conducting a Canning Activity" in order to launch his own cannery.  Discover the testimony of this entrepreneur.

"I've been a cook for 35 years, 26 of them on my own. My project was to put my restaurant on sale, but not being able to sell it, I then thought about a reconversion, while remaining in a food business.

With a friend, we suggested the idea of creating a cannery. I did some research on the Internet, and I liked it, then I did some research on training, and the CTCPA came out as the most competent in this area.

Wanting to take the plunge, I naturally enrolled in this training, and I didn't regret it, in any way:

  • the welcome, during my reflections: I was very well explained what the situation was and what the opportunities could be,
  • documents, registration and file follow-up: there is a very high reactivity when we ask ourselves a question, for the sending of the agreement and the handling of our requests,
  • the welcome at the CTCPA in Avignon: I found the trainers very friendly, the training is complex but they are always there to explain us and make themselves available to us.

It is a training that takes everything into account, from legislation, hygiene, production, to forecasting and marketing. It's very intense during these 5 days but everything is reviewed. In a word: great.

Finally I had some doubts about my future in the cannery, but after the training I accelerated the setting up of my project, which will be completed before the end of 2019.

In addition, I even asked the CTCPA for quotes to support my project in various areas, such as the implementation of the HACCP, MPS and approval file, and then in the implementation of recipe and sterilization validations."