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Alimentarité des emballages

In addition to the analytic services provided for global and specific migration testing, the laboratory aims to :

  • Supply the packaging and food industry with simplified tools in order to evaluate the compatibility between packaging and food product, combining experimental tools and simulation tools
  • Accompany the profession in putting into place the compatibility rules, managing complex projects in areas where evaluation procedures are not totally established (recycled packaging, adhesive, ink, compounds in direct contact with the food, neo formed products, effects induced by food transformation processes, in particular the treatments realized by the consumer)
  • Contribute, by the qualification of materials and processes, to the research of new material or duo material processes more adapted to the demands of the inertia of the packaging.
  • Accompany you in an approach of safe packaging conception, working with the suppliers of raw materials, in order to limit the over formulation of materials and control the formation of neo formed migrants.

Some efficient analytical means (GC/MS, LC/MS², GC/FID, HPLC UV/FLD, SPME) allow the qualification of material through law-required tests and the development of specifically adapted analytic protocols. This technical know-how relies notably on an in-depth expertise in the national, European and American (FDA) regulation.