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25 Feb 2019

Savor & Sens: imperial mustards for colourful flavours!

Savor & Sens, has been offering a variety of French-made products since 1999: jams, syrups, vinaigrettes, flavoured sugars, olive oil preparations... with original and colourful flavours.

Last year, it launched a new challenge: to expand its range of mustards with 3 new flavours: foie gras, truffle and caviar and called on the CTCPA to support it in this new project. Alain Léon, CEO of Savor & Sens, testifies.

"We wanted to develop three "Imperial Mustards" with foie gras, caviar and truffle, and containing fresh cream to soften the product and make it almost a sauce.

This composition of ingredients based on fresh cream inducing a bacteriological risk, there was work to be done in R&D and analysis. This is why we have chosen to use the services of the CTCPA to ensure the quality of our products and to be able to launch this collection in complete safety. »  

"For us, calling on the expertise of the CTCPA was very reassuring because the Centre has real legitimacy in this role, when we want to launch rather particular and innovative food products.

Tests in the technological hall of the CTCPA in Avignon were carried out to correctly dose the various ingredients, at the end of which we validated a recipe that seemed consistent with the promise made on the label. There have also been microbiological analyses and a challenge-test is underway in the microbiology unit of the CTCPA, set up to monitor the evolution of the product over time.

"I enjoyed working with the CTCPA, the team was very professional, very rigorous, and all with a great sensitivity for the taste of the product which remains the finality for a development. The support is complete!
In addition, our imperial mustards received the Innovation Award at the last Sial in Paris. We are delighted that the product has been recognized. »

This project was funded and monitored in part by INNOVAGRO of CRITT PACA.