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CTCPA is an industrial technical center (Centre Technique Industriel CTI) qualified as a Technical Institute for food Industry (Institut Technique Agro-Industriel ITAI) by the Agricultural Minister. It is a member of the Actia and the CTI network. The center is recognized by DGAL as a center of reference for the establishment and validation of thermal treatment scales (see memo).

  • Key numbers

93 salaried employees including 9 doctors, 34 engineers, 1 doctoral student and 19 technicians
8 French sites including 1 head office in Paris

7.9 M€ in annual revenue for 2018
1100 company members

48 joint research projects in 2018

4 technological centers :  Amiens, Auch, Avignon, Nantes
3 expert laboratories: microbiology, nutritional quality of plant based products, packaging
1 documentation center with permanent scientific and industrial watch

1 Technological mixed unit Qualiveg avec l’Inra Paca (SQPOV UMR408)
Technological mixed networks : Chlean (animation), Ecoval, Nutriprévius, Propack Food, Qualima, Transfo-Bio


The CTCPA of Auch has obtained a renewal of its CRT certificate.

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  • Legal status of the CTCPA

The CTCPA was created by decree of 11 October 1950, within the framework of Law No. 48-1228 of 22 July 1948 establishing the legal status of industrial technical centres, in order to encourage innovation among professionals in the canning and dehydrated sector.

Since 1 January 2004, the CTCPA has benefited from an allocated tax (Loi de finances rectificative pour 2003, n° 2003-13 12 du 30 décembre 2003 - article 72) due by nationals, manufacturers established in France, of preserved and dehydrated food products.

Governed by the Research Code (Articles L. 521-1 to L. 521-13 of the Research Code (CR) created by Order No. 2014-135 of 17 February 2014), the CTCPA is, in its capacity as an Industrial Technical Centre (CTI), a public utility establishment in charge of missions of general interest. A government commissioner, from the Ministry of Agriculture (DGPE), and a general controller, from the State's economic and financial control mission, monitor and control its activities.

The list of conservation products and processes subject to the CTCPA's allocated tax is set out in the Order of 10 May 2004. These are products of plant or animal origin processed by appertization or dehydration techniques.

  • Governance of the CTCPA

The CTCPA, as an industrial technical centre, is administered by a Board of Directors which delegates to a Director General appointed by it all the powers necessary for the management of the centre, this appointment being subject to approval by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Management Board shall comprise: (a) representatives of the heads of undertakings; (b) representatives of the technical staff of the branch of activity concerned; (c) representatives of higher technical education; and particularly competent persons either in respect of the industry concerned or in respect of users.

Directors are appointed for three years by order of the Ministry. The Board of Directors takes decisions and orientations relating to the operation of the technical centre and its missions. This council is vested with the general administrative powers of the centre.