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The documentation service edits and diffuses CTCPA publications about its activities 

> The news and information letters, the activity report

  • Trade news : monthly electronic letter of CTCPA news (news, publications, agenda, training…) for the canned and dehydrated food sector. (Reserved for company members)
  • CT-Contact : a quarterly information letter destined for small canned food companies. Each issue details a particular aspect of the activities of small canned food companies.
  • CTCPA news : an electronic letter for all publics

> The collection of technical information

The CTCPA publishes the results of its research activities performed in collective programs by a synthesis report, each time writing a new addition to the collection of technical information (for a list of all the issues available for consultation, see the Download tab).

The company members can consult these reports using their private internet access, reserved for members.

Companies that do not fiscally contribute to the CTCPA can order these reports (See ‘documents’ in the download tab).

> The Guides

The documentation Service distributes a group of guides written by the CTCPA, which are support documents for company activities.

> The Good Hygiene Practices Guides (GBPH in French)

The set of GPBH is currently being updated. Each guide should ease the management and control of food safety and the respect of regulatory requirements with a complete description of the dangers and the measures to take.
Guides already validated by the administration :

  • the three GPBH of the foie gras-making animal sector (slaughter, cutting, transformation steps) - For craftsmen and farm workshops
  • the GBPH of “cooked food”

Guides still undergoing validation by the administration :

  • the GBPH « plant based products »
  • the GBPH « Foie gras-making animals » – For industrial transformation.

Company members can consult these reports using their private internet access, reserved for Members.
Other companies can order them on the site of the
 French documentation

 Other guides of CTCPA

Le CTCPA has written other technical guides that you can consult (see downloadable documents).

Pour toute question sur ces documents contacter le service Documentation au 04 90 84 32 08 ou doc@ctcpa.org