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06 Jun 2018

Energy efficiency in industry: creation of ALLICE, a new independent structure

A new entity called ALLICE (Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency) was born.

The main objective of ALLICE is to boost the competitiveness of the sector by supporting the emergence of innovative collaborative projects, by working together supply and demand actors, competence centers, prescribers, etc. in a transverse approach. ALLICE, beyond being a real place of exchange for all the actors concerned, aims to be an independent, open and balanced animation structure.

This new structure is supported by 5 shareholders: CETIAT as pilot, CTCPA, CEA Liten, Cetim, and ENEA Consulting.
It will mainly involve proposing collective actions, for example by way of technology watch, states of the art and technical workshops. In addition to these collective actions, ALLICE will provide activities to promote and promote energy efficiency through forums and seminars, and initiate collaborative programs in connection with other bodies such as ADEME, ANR, PIA, European Union, etc.
The structure will lean on public or private competence centers both in France and abroad in order to guarantee the quality of the work.

With ALLICE, the partners demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency beyond their areas of expertise, to foster cross-sectoral technology transfer.

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 Contacts press : Agence Plus2Sens - 04 37 24 02 58 - Laurence Nicolas / Mégane Klevezou