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> Principle

Each study realized by the CTCPA is financed by a company or a group of companies (interprofession) with a well define purpose (innovation, cost reduction…). The results of each study are the strict property of the paying client who decides their purpose and use.  No time limit is applied to this property. No ulterior use or publication of these results can be made by the CTCPA except through the express request or agreement by the client who paid for the study.  The confidentiality doesn’t apply to public information (or information which the CTCPA can prove was in their possession before the study was realized).

> Obligation of discretion

The employees of the CTCPA are subject by position to an obligation of discretion regarding all information relative to the companies with which they are in contact or have a commercial contract. This discretion duty applies as well to the studies under contract as to all information relative to the knowledge and know-how of the company, to its orientation, its organization and its functioning. This obligation of discretion is applied without a time limit, going even beyond the duration of the employment contract of the employees of the CTCPA.

> Organization

Internal rules of confidentiality are defined, published and known by all the employees, notably:

  • The separation, archiving and protection of information on paper and computer
  • The conditions of access and visiting rules of the CTCPA.
  • The circulation, anonymity and storage of products under trial
  • The diffusion of complete or partial results
  • The behavior to adopt with customers and suppliers


> References

The CTCPA commits to not discuss the subject of its confidential contracts. The CTCPA mentions in writing its commercial references (companies with which it maintains contractual relationships) except if concerned clients are oppose to it (general conditions of sale).

> Contract

At the request of its clients, the CTCPA can formalize its commitment in terms of confidentiality and exclusivity in a specific contract.