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Bilan carbone - ACV

These tools help put into place a sustainable development policy by researching the environmental impact of the activity or the products of the food company.

> Bilan Carbone® 

It is a tool offering a company the possibility to evaluate gas exhaustion that is damageable to the environment. It aims to prioritize the sources of exhaustion in regard to the activity (transport, type of energy used, raw materials…) and more generally to develop an economical and environmental progress plan.
The CTCPA owns the license for the use of the Bilan Carbone® method.


> Analysis of the Life Cycle (ACV in French) - normalized approach (ISA 14040)


Exemples de projets de recherche :

  • EAU&ENERGIE - Guide d'optimisation des consommations d'eau et d'énergie (2010)
  • Acyvia : research project aiming to improve the environmental database of processed food products.
  • Flonudep (2011-2014) : project financed by the National Research Agency (ANR in French), and dealing with the tomato sector.
  • Acydu (2013–2015) : ANR project aiming to work on a combined approach of environmental, social and economic ACV of three food production sectors (coordination made by the CTCPA)